PC Virus removal

Is your computer acting strangely?  If you suspect a virus on your Windows computer, stop right away to prevent further damage and call us to remove it. We’ll also ensure you are protected going forward.

It’s always a good rule of thumb that you should never let a PC virus fester.  It will only get worse and at its worst could corrupt your files and prevent your PC from starting up.  We are real pros at getting rid of Windows viruses here in Miami.  We rarely ever have to reinstall your Windows operating system since we are usually able to directly remove PC viruses.  And it’s not fun when you have to start out from scratch again with your computer.  Your files will be safe and you’ll be able to work on your computer as you did before.  Hey, they don’t call us the best PC virus removal in Miami for nothing!

Do PC’s get more viruses than Macs?

In one word, yes!  There are still more Windows computers being used than Macs.  That means that the virus creators look to get more bang for their buck. Viruses may only be created for one type of format, Windows operating systems or Apple operating systems.  So, these evil-doers create a virus that will infect the most amount of systems, PC computers.  Creating the most havoc is their goal, and our end game here is to ensure you are protected against such maliciousness.

I got a virus.  Will I lose my files?  Do you need to wipe out all my files to reinstall Windows?

Nope!  99 out of 100 times we are able to remove the virus so you don’t have to worry about your precious files being erased.  The only time we have to reinstall Windows fresh is if your hard drive is failing or if your operating system is corrupted or damaged beyond repair.  As for the virus itself, let’s just say that we are a step ahead of the virus creators and believe there is no virus we cannot stop.  In essence, we can remove any virus.  But, if your operating system or hardware is totally belly up, well, there’s nothing anyone can do but reinstall Windows.  Even in the case of reinstalling Windows, we are typically able to salvage all your files.  So, whether we have to install Windows or not, we are also experts in data recovery.  So, fear not with Hardsoftnet Computer Help in Miami!

What is the computer virus removal process?

  1. First, we inspect your computer and determine where the virus, trojan, rootkit, or other infection is coming in.  Where is the source?
  2. Then, we will manually remove the virus.  This may be by removing it from Windows directories or other folders as well as the registry and start-up entries.
  3. How we go about the manual removal process will encompass many actions:  deleting files, running proprietary utilities, virus scans, and an extensive testing process.
  4. The timing usually takes a one to several hours, depending on the number of viruses and nature of the infection.
  5. After the virus removal, we will install a 1-year complimentary subscription of virus removal software so you are protected going forward

Windows / PC virus removal cost:

We perform, but are not limited to, the following services

  • Tune Up and Virus Removal

  • Network Support

  • Data Offline & Online Backup

  • Hardware Diagnostics

  • Operating system installs

  • Printer Setup & Troubleshooting